Book connections


Married by Mistake
(Superromance, May 2007)

Adam’s and Casey’s story

The Groom Came Back
(Superromance, January 2009)

Jack’s and Callie’s story

The Groom Came Back is set in Parkvale, hometown of Casey Greene from Married by Mistake. Casey and Adam make an appearance in this book, and so do Sam and Eloise.


The Diaper Diaries
(Superromance, March 2008)

Tyler’s and Bethany’s story

Her So-Called Fiancé
(Superromance, September 2009)

Jake’s and Sabrina’s story

The story of Tyler’s cousin Jake and beauty queen Sabrina. What exactly happened between these two to make them such enemies? This is the first in a three-book series called Those Merritt Girls



Her Surprise Hero
(Superromance, January 2010)

Ethan’s and Cynthia’s story

Book 3: Those Merritt Girls. Cynthia Merritt is sent to Stonewall Hollow in disgrace. As temporary judge, she struggles to keep her courtroom under control. Rancher Ethan Granger is a law unto himself…

Her Secret Rival
(Superromance, November 2009)

Travis and Megan’s story

Book 2: Those Merritt Girls. Megan Merritt sees taking over the family law firm as away to get close to her dad. But maverick lawyer Travis Jamieson isn’t just her opponent in court, he’s secretly after her job.



Back on Track
(Harlequin NASCAR, May 2007)

Trent’s and Kelly’s story

The Natural in A NASCAR Holiday 2
(HQN Books, November 2007 – also available as a standalone story in ebook form)

Danny’s and Madison’s story

Danny Cruise, Trent’s arch-rival, is the hero of The Natural. Trent and Kelly make an appearance in the story.




Checkered Past
April 2009

Chad’s and Brianna’s story

Chad Matheson’s story. Who did he marry in Vegas, and where is she now?

Fully Engaged
(Harlequin NASCAR, March 2008)

Gideon’s and Sandra’s story

Sandra Jacobs, Danny Cruise’s PR rep in The Natural, is the heroine of Fully Engaged




The Comeback
February 2010Zack’s and Gaby’s story

Zack Matheson’s story. Gaby Colson, the heroine in this story, works for Sandra Jacobs