Her Best Friends Wedding….after the end


Note to Readers: These scenes take place after the end of Her Best Friend’s Wedding . If you haven’t read the book, they won’t make a lot of sense, and may detract from your enjoyment of the book later – please don’t read them now! You can find out more about the book and read an excerpt from the first chapter here.

Her Best Friend’s Wedding: After the End

“I can’t believe they’re going to Tahiti,” Nancy Kincaid said, surveying the crowd that filled her garden and the Beecham’s. Earlier in the week, the Beecham brothers had dismantled the fence between the two properties to allow room for two hundred wedding guests.
Mary-Beth Beecham patted Nancy’s shoulder, a silent acknowledgment that she’d heard the complaint before, but she still sympathized. Between them, they’d hashed out Trey and Sadie’s outrageous behavior ad infinitum.
“If your son didn’t have this wanderlust thing going…” Mary-Beth said, another familiar refrain.
“That’s not wanderlust,” Nancy said drily, eyeing Trey’s hand curled possessively around his bride’s derriere. “Besides, your daughter seems to enjoy flitting about every bit as much he does.”
Mary-Beth sighed agreement. “Sadie says the lab at the University of Papeete is only a short boat-ride away. She’ll be able to do her new research, no problem.”
Nancy wished Sadie wouldn’t be quite so flexible. The kids had been off in Massachusetts for nine months already, where Trey had been honing his landscape design talents at a heritage botanical garden. His work had drawn the attention of a software millionaire, who’d asked him to create a new garden for his vacation home in Tahiti. Oh, and it would involve living in a luxury beachfront home in Tahiti for three months, was that okay?
Nancy couldn’t blame Trey and Sadie for jumping at the chance.
“I’m just thankful they decided to make it a honeymoon,” she said. Which meant all of their friends and families would get to witness a wedding in—she checked her watch—about five minutes. Of course, Trey shouldn’t be standing here groping his bride before the ceremony, but it was impossible to keep those two apart. Nancy still wasn’t sure how two such different people, brilliant in entirely different ways, should be so much more…whole together.
She should be used to it by now, given how Meg and Daniel had been carrying on in a similar vein ever since they returned from their runaway wedding. Her gaze sought and found her daughter and son-in-law. Meg was chatting to her mother-in-law Angela—a woman Nancy wasn’t wild about, but she and Meg seemed to have a pleasantly snarky relationship with each other. Daniel, talking to Sadie’s younger brother Jesse, kept stealing glances at Meg.
As Nancy watched, Meg’s eyes met Daniel’s, and her hand drifted slowly, unconsciously over her stomach.
“Did you see that?” Mary-Beth asked.
Nancy swallowed. “Good grief, she’s pregnant.”
“She hasn’t told you?”
Nancy shook her head. “It must be early days. I’m certain they weren’t planning on having kids so soon.”
“That’s Meg, always unpredictable,” Mary-Beth said indulgently. “I wonder when Sadie and Trey will start a family?”
Sadie couldn’t possibly have overheard—could she?—but her head lifted and she gave her mom a sharp look.
“Oops,” Mary-Beth said.
Nancy chuckled. “She probably wants to win that Nobel prize first.” Now that Sadie was going to be her daughter-in-law, she shared Mary-Beth’s ambition for Sadie’s professional future. “So, Kyle will carry on looking after her house while they’re away?” She still thought of the bungalow in Memphis as Sadie’s house. “He said he’s enjoying the change of scene.”
“He’s still chasing after that Lexie,” Mary-Beth said, “and Sadie’s place is close to Lexie’s.” She had almost, but not quite, resigned herself to Kyle’s feelings for Sexy Lexie, which seemed to go beyond Lexie’s obvious physical attractions. “I can’t believe she’s still holding out on him.”
“Mary-Beth!” Nancy scolded. “If she was your daughter you’d be all in favor of her ‘holding out.’”
“I suppose. And she’s a nice girl when you get to know her,” Mary-Beth said fairly.
“It’s poetic justice that Kyle’s chasing after someone for once, rather than the other way around,” Nancy pointed out.
Mary-Beth grinned. “He’s a good-looking boy.”
Privately, Nancy thought Trey was a dozen times more handsome than Kyle, but she nodded. Speaking of her gorgeous son, there he was, even more gorgeous than usual in a tuxedo, walking toward the microphone they’d set up a beneath a bower of gardenias. Nancy wouldn’t have chosen gardenias, but Trey and Sadie were oddly attached to them.
“Okay, folks, it’s time to get this wedding underway,” Trey announced, and immediately had the attention of every single person there. Reverend Markham, the minister from Cordova Colonial Presbyterian, where Trey and Sadie had been undergoing pre-marriage counseling, made his way through the crowd.
“Sadie,” Trey said, “are you ready, cupcake?”
“Cupcake” gave him a squinty look. “More ready than you are, Mr. Wild Oats.”
Trey snorted. “Then get up here and marry me.”
Mary-Beth snickered at the sight of her know-it-all daughter—beautiful as could be in her long, strapless ivory sheath dress with the cutest little lace jacket—meekly doing as she was told. Maybe not so meekly: judging by Trey’s wince, she gave him a good pinch as she tucked her arm through his.
The informal setting allowed the guests to move nearer for the service; Mary-Beth made sure she and Gerald, along with Nancy, were closest to happy couple.
“Dearly Beloved,” Reverend Markham began, and for the next few minutes Mary-Beth lost herself in the beautiful, traditional words.
“You may kiss the bride,” Reverend Markham concluded.
Mary-Beth caught her breath at the love that blazed in Trey’s eyes as he gazed down at his new wife. He leaned in to Sadie and murmured, “Do you think that’s a euphemism for sex?”
Mary-Beth gasped.
Sadie swatted her husband, something Mary-Beth could see becoming a regular occurrence. “Kiss me right now,” Sadie said, “or I’ll personally take care of that batch of plants you’re flying out to Tahiti.”
Mary-Beth gasped again, remembering the months of back-breaking work she and Gerald had put into Sadie’s devastated garden. She rather thought Trey paled, too.
Then he grinned. “You’re the boss,” he said. And kissed her.
- The End -